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Oct 14, 2012 12:00pm EDT
really pushing the city starts coming out. and nixon and his attorney general, john mitchell, who actually have kind of concoct good this whole rehnquist combination, a whole another story. it is fascinating. so nixon and mitchell start to worry that they are going to lose this. nixon had a lot of trouble getting his nominees confirmed on just such a basis for this. so rehnquist professes that he actually doesn't even remember this memo. it's possible. because he doesn't remember it, he could be very unconsciously or consciously believe you didn't write it or that he wrote it at the time explains that this was -- this is justice jackson's request for a summation of his views, not of my own. not bad actually, there was no one there that could rebut that, even though their opinions expressed both ways. rehnquist was not under oath, said he submitted a better to the chairman at that point of the judiciary committee and said this is my recollection. it was justice jackson's views it as a spazzing, not my own. >> host: this is coming after the hearing. it's 1971 comes to jackson suppor
Oct 7, 2012 11:00am EDT
always pay more attention to sort of passive technique just because i'm from a big city, so much attention was being paid to the vote counting and precinct targeting. so i talk to more people, and i was always shocked as a think anybody who's spent a lot of time run campaigns is that most of the people i talk you could explain to me why they did anything that they would do. like how do you know that, how do you do that? at some point they did because that some sort of rule that was really based on any research. and so i sort of when run campaigns to some degree with skepticism, the practices that were taking place and the way they were spending time, and as big as i learned about people, starting in academe who are doing the field experiments, randomized control trials, within being adopted by people in the political world, and fund more about all the innovations of data, targeting based on, basically revolutionize campaigns in the last decade. this was a major generational shift in that in addition to all the new forms of research changing, the way campaigns operate issue that t
Oct 6, 2012 10:00pm EDT
recent visit to augusta maine or go for more information on this and other cities visited a ibook to these local content vehicle go to content. >> coming up, booktv% after words an hour-long program where we invite guest host to interview authors. this week, legal journalist john jenkins and his in his book, "the partistan" the life of william rehnquist. in it the publisher "cq" press details the early career and a 33 year supreme court tenure of the former chief justice. he talks with supreme court reporter and the biographer for justices o'connor and scalia, joan biskupic. >> host: welcome john jenkins. we are here to talk about your new book, "the partistan" the life of william rehnquist. i want to start with one general question to give our viewers a sense of who the chief justices and we william rehnquist was important. there've only been 17 chiefs, correct? tell us a little bit about the position. what's what's is the chief justice of the united states do in the importance of william rehnquist and then we will go into the chronology. yes go the chief has two ro
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3